A walk on the beach side…

by Tanya on September 30, 2010

A Sunset in Naples, FL

A miracle happened this morning, I got up and drove to the beach to take myself for a 3 mile walk with the seagulls.  It was incredibly peaceful at the beach this early, I only witnessed three other humans.  I did the whole walking for fitness thing.  Put on my walking shoes and comfy clothes, walked at a fast pace, abdomen muscles engaged and felt it in my bum.  My arms even got into it:-).

My family has been going out for leisurely strolls on the beach 2-4 nights a week and love it, but we can hardly call these walking for fitness.  Better than nothing though and a good time to reconnect as well.

PFMan and I have good intentions, always good intentions, and have discussed doing different things to become more active and shed our Love Handles. (We do have a cruise coming up in January to prepare for after all, ha).  One of the activities we’ve talked about and haven’t yet tried is Paddle Boarding.  I came across a link yesterday in The Burg Blast to Stand Up Fitness which is done on a Paddle Board. They have lessons, 4-hour adventures and Boot Camp. This sounds like so much fun, well, for exercising anyway. Fitness has always been a challenge for me, I’m not athletic and prefer to lounge around. When I do exercise I usually need it to be fast paced, like Zumba. I’ve entertained the idea of starting Pilates. Hmmm, I’d love to hear how anyone is keeping there work-out routine exciting and different. Please do tell and have a nice day too!!

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