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by Tanya on March 4, 2012

I haven’t yet used any Fadra’s optional topics of the day, but this one I can’t pass up: Where are you lacking trust in your life? (examples: church, government, work, family, etc.)

This past week I’ve been very emotional, mostly due to the rollar coaster ride of feeling of my cat Matilda disappearing for six days and my old man kitty having to be put down on on Wednesday. It would be an understatement to say I was a basket case.  Well, in this emotional state I talked to a couple friends and my hubby about the state of the country, mostly the state of our food supply because it at time enrages me.  I’ve educated myself for years about our food, it’s a really long story that I will only touch on, but it began with my passion for animals almost 20 years ago and I wanted to learn exactly how our food got from farm to table.  That was bad news….  A lots happened since then (the part I won’t get into here) but now there is so much more I know about food as  a whole and it sickens me what our government (FDA, USDA, etc.) allows in our food system.  I absolutely have NO trust in them AT ALL to feed us healthy food.  Right now heads of Monsanto are running the FDA and USDA, this is very sad and scary and we the people are going to have to take matters into our own hands by seeking out locally grown fruits and vegetables, finding our local farmers and ranchers for our grass-fed, free roaming meats and dairy products to ensure they are nutrient rich and not laden with chemicals, pesticides and hormones.  Many other countries have banned these things from their food, yet the US will not. I don’t know what the reasons are, we can speculate a number of things from lobbyists to big business to not wanting to change due to layoffs. Whatever.  I just feel that EVERYONE in this country should have the ability to walk into any grocery store and not have to worry about what’s in their milk, on their oranges. To me it’s very sad.

This is just a snippet of how I feel on this topic but you can clearly see that I don’t listen to the government about what’s good for us in the food department. Better re-think those Got Milk ads!


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Suzie @maydossu March 5, 2012 at 4:41 am

Totally understand your lack of trust. I’m not in the US but it’s a global issue. Scarier still than it happening though is the number of people oblivious to the contamination of our food who don’t buy organic etc and unwittingly ‘poison’ and children themselves daily. Sadder still is those aware of the problems who can’t afford to make the switch; safe, healthy food should never be a matter for economics.
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Rachel March 6, 2012 at 7:30 am

I understand. Monsanto is now moving in on Australia too. Most of my friends here are still oblivious to it too. I will say about Americans from my time living in the US — more of the 20 – 30 year olds care about what they eat and where it comes from than they do in Australia. I think a lot of Australians still believe that on a whole, we eat better than the US…but alas its not true. I do miss California for its abundant supply or organics and local farmers!


Tanya March 6, 2012 at 1:28 pm

Interesting to hear this is just not the US. Sorry to hear it’s also in Australia. Bummer to be more global. Yes, I do sense the younger generations here being aware of the situation, there is even a large movement of that age group learning to homestead and grow their own farms. Very promising. Thanks to you both for reading my rant and chiming in on the topic. So much to dicuss, so much to learn!
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