It’s never too late! – My Sunday Stream of Consciousness!

by Tanya on March 11, 2012

I’ll start by saying this is not a typical Stream of Consciousness. I’m breaking the rules by adding this video link, and many others, to something I came across yesterday. It’s called the Invisible Children, you may know it as Kony 2012 or you may not know it at all. If you haven’t seen it yet, you may want to watch the video first. Yes, it’s almost 30 minutes long, but I believe it’s well worth those minutes for several reasons.

Here a link to the video:

Ok, now that you’ve watched the video, maybe you’ve already heard of the campaign, have an opinion, maybe you’re saying “Yes, old news, this has been going on for years”? Maybe this is completely new to you and you’re currently bubbling up with frustration over what you just watched and asking “how can I help”? Either way I’m glad I was able to bring it to your attention because old news, new news, it needed to be seen again.

There is much criticism out there over this particular campaign and I’ve done my research and have my own opinions. You should do your own research too. I can help by providing you with some links:

Here’s Invisible Children’s rating and information on Charity Navigator. They currently hold a 3/4 overall, and here you can read the conversation on Reddit between Noelle at Invisible Children & members of the public with strong opinions. IC defends off concerns. I’ve read it all. More articles here, here and Africom is here. And please go to Invisible Children’s blog and read the director’s response to this article in the Washington Post and IC’s response to the criticism.

After all my reading, a lot of it, I’ve come to my own conclusions. Is this charity, Invisible Children, sensationalist? Yes, maybe, but that’s the goal here! This film was produced very well. They had to make it understandable to the masses to get a movement heading forward and quickly. The LRA and men like Joseph Kony, things like this have been going on for decades, longer even, this IS old news. I remember being fired up over these topics over 20 years ago. Rwanda, Somalia, Sudan, Darfur, the list goes on both then and now.

I posted this campaign on Facebook yesterday, because though I know about things like this happening, I hadn’t seen THIS video yet, THIS campaign, Kony 2012. My husband works in the media and he hadn’t seen it either. Apparently over three million people have, but we hadn’t and it moved us to remember that this is going on. While we’ve been self-absorbed with our own lives, our own agendas here, this kind of thing is still happening in Africa. It was a harsh reminder and you know what, I don’t care what campaign reminded me of that, reminds us all, the important thing is that we were reminded. The important thing is the MOVEMENT! The movement to make things like this stop.

This campaign by Invisible Children, if this works, goes viral and this man is brought to justice, it’s a great thing whether you believe in Kony 2012 or not. It means that this new thing called social media worked in powerful, positive ways, it means I can have hope that people when joined together for a common cause can move mountains.

I like this quote from a poster on Reddit “I’m behind this organization for the simple fact that it empowers youth unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. Imagine what this will do to people if it becomes successful and makes millions feel like they did something to help”.

I support the Movement, I believe it’s never too late, you have to start somewhere!

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