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by Tanya on March 16, 2012

This here is the Perfectly Flawed weekly round-up, so if you missed me on Pinterest & Facebook, this is where I’ll be sharing some of that LOVE on Fridays. Enjoy!

Butter, Uganda & Road Trippin’!

Earlier this week I stumbled upon this perfectly funny blog post. Do you, would you, could you? Hee hee!

After the very dramatic day of posting the Kony 2012 video, I found a very beautiful way to help support the women of Uganda in a much less political way!

Oh yes! White butter:-)


I made butter with my kitchen aid. Beginning with fresh cream from the Dam Ranch, our neighbor. It’s whipped until it collapses, pour off the buttermilk (use it in home-made pancakes:-) then add ice cold water and re-whip until the liquid pours off clear. Look it’s WHITE!!



A goal in life is to have a pantry like this, NO plastic!

My friend Rosemary and I launched our new blog segment Natural Living Tips this week. We even made videos, check out our debut on how to make a home-made coconut oil body scrub, then try it yourself! What essential oil combinations do you love? (See her blog here)

Have been continuing the planning of the kids and I’s Summer 2012 road trip, 8000 miles, 60 days. It’s starting to come together. Here’s a peek, it’s not complete. Makes me want to have one of these or these someday, well I’ve wanted one for a long time actually, ha.

Summer 2012

I’d love some must see’s, if you’ve done this before, tips, etc. Thanks!

And since I’m thinking of travel, I’ll leave you with this!

Happy Weekend,

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