Road Trip 2012 – Texas

by Tanya on September 6, 2012

We’ve been home for several weeks now we’ve adjusted to being back into a normal schedule for the most part, ha. Texas was HOT! We drove in on I-10 from Lafayette, LA, it was about a 7 1/2 hour drive, one of the longest on the trip, and through TX it felt much longer, but we made it! We know once we got there we’d have a nice hotel to stay in thanks to PFMan having to fly into San Antonio for work trips, nice. We stayed at the Westin Riverwalk, you could walk out the back and be right on the river, very nice. The kids and I were alone the first night, PFMan coming in the next day. With a little help from TripAdvisor (love TripAdvisor), we found a nearby restaurant, The Esquire Tavern. A great dark bar that claims to be the oldest bar on the Riverwalk and has great fried pickles (we try fried pickles on every menu we encounter them on) and chalupitas (CHALUPITAS –  refried beans, organic chicken & cheddar cheese topped with chimichurri, sour cream & salsa verde). Being alone with the kids I really didn’t get to partake in their very nice bar, VERY nice! You’ll have to see for yourself!

The next morning we toodled around the Riverwalk a bit, peeked at some local art and met PFMan at the hotel before lunch, then back to The Esquire, ha, Addy’s request. Today is also Addy’s birthday and the opening day of Brave, so guess what we did??  What a great movie! Love the new animated effects with her hair, amazing! Then dinner at Mi Tierra Cafe’ y Panaderia. HOLY MOLY, perfect for a b-day celebration there are Christmas decorations everywhere, I mean everywhere!  Very good, mostly authentic Mexican food too! We had a blast. We behaved and did not make any purchases from the bakery, but WOW!

Mi Tierra Cafe'

The next day we drove into Austin! On the way we stopped to give the car a much needed bath after traipsing around swamp country, LA. By the time we arrived it was time for lunch. We had heard the best BBQ could be found at Franklin BBQ.  We were too late. Apparently the line starts at least two hours before opening at 11a. This must be good. In the parking lot we struck up a convo with two guys holding to-go boxes, locals. They told us about the wait and offered us a taste of the brisket.  HOLY MOLY, amazing! So tender! Anyway, now we needed to find another BBQ location, they sent us to JMueller a BBQ food truck at 1502 South First St.  I loved the food truck experience and maybe it was because we had already tasted the best at  Franklin, but it was OK.  Cool though, while we were waiting in line they came around offering everyone a free can of Lone Star beer and we sat next to a family vacationing in the states from Hong Kong!

Austin is one of the food truck mecca’s in the US. They are everywhere, alone, lined up, everywhere. One of the hip areas of town was SoCo or South Congress Ave. Hip, lots of cool shops and LOTS of Food Trucks!  It was wicked HOT so we stopped to get some shave ice at Austin Frigid Frog Shave Ice. With over 60 flavors, my kids had Tiger’s Blood, AKA fruit punch:-), I had watermelon! YUMMY and  Ahhh, Heat Relief!! Watch out for the brain freeze. And if that wasn’t enough, this little we were lured into Gueros Taco Bar, of course.  This family likes to eat!

PFMan had to get to work the next day and we had to head off the Carlsbad, NM to watch the bat flight so…. off we went!


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Teresa September 6, 2012 at 12:34 pm

I LOVE Austin! The food is amazing, and I am definitely making sure I go to Franklin’s next time!! Your pics are adorable. :)


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