Road Trip 2012 – North from TX to NM

by Tanya on September 7, 2012

This is what we looked at for over 150 miles heading N. on Hwy 285 from Fort Stockton, TX into NM. This was our first taste of desert on the road trip.

Driving N on HWY 285 TX to NM.

PFMan and I have lived in Vegas so not new to me, but different for the kiddos. It was super hot as well and our air conditioner was not working well. Gavin was sitting up front with me, we were alternating turning the AC on blowing warm air and opening the windows for the breeze, a 110 degree breeze, but a breeze. Hwy 285 is a two-lane road with little traffic and was one of the more scary of the roads we traveled on the trip. This was due to the heat coming off the road, the mirage effect. It was difficult to judge the distance, the semis would slowly appear over the fake horizon, it was like a movie.


Driving through Hill Country was beautiful. We stopped in  Junction, TX for a few minutes, the place where Hill Country meets the west, also called the Front Porch of the West.  This image is somewhere Hill Country:-)

Driving through Hill Country TX on way to NM.

Coming up next: New Mexico

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Teresa September 11, 2012 at 4:39 pm

That is the toughest part of the drive my friend! One day I tried to drive from Phoenix to Austin…but one of my tires could not handle the heat and got shredded. AAA to the rescue! Since we wasted a few hours locating a new tire, we figured we would not make it to Austin that same day. Instead we got completely lost in the craziness of West Texas and settled into Ft. Stockton for the night.


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