31 Days – Reducing your Carbon Foot Print!

by Tanya on September 28, 2012

I’ve decided to join The Nester in writing about one topic for all 31 Days in October. I chose Reducing your Carbon Foot Print as my topic because it’s something I personally feel very strongly about. I feel it’s a responsibility I have as a steward of this beautiful planet and as a mother of two children whom I want a healthy planet for in the future and for the future of their children. I want to focus on the little things mostly, the things we can do everyday, habits we can adopt to lessen the impact we have on the earth and in our homes. What you’ll find is that by focusing on making changes that positively impact the earth you’re also making changes that create a much healthier environment in your home, in your community, it’s all very connected. I’ve been on this journey for a while now and still have a foot print that is much larger than I’d like, I believe in taking baby steps, but it’s important to get started, make that first step.

Over the month of October I’ll provide tips to making these changes, my experiences, recipes, links to more information and more! I hope you enjoy this journey, learn something and pass on the information to your friends. Thanks so much!


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