31 Days: Reducing your Carbon Foot Print – Day 3 :: Reducing (Plastic) Part I

by Tanya on October 3, 2012

Let’s begin the discussion of the Three R’s, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.  This is a really big subject so I’m breaking it down over a week or so beginning with REDUCING!  It really begins here, at the point of purchase, because if you don’t bring it home in the first place then the other two R’s are a moot point. Let’s think about what we recycle, plastic, glass, metal, paper, etc.  Now let’s talk about which of these are the worst for our environment and our health? PLASTIC! Ok, how and where can we reduce and/or eliminate plastic? Think about it! Let’s make a list of plastic items we purchase:

water & other drink bottles
cleaning supplies
many processed food items
other foods, breads, produce (and those unnecessary produce bags)
most DISPOSABLE items (cutlery, cups, plates, straws, etc.)
bags (yes those pesky plastic, completely unnecessary bags)
Ooooh, and straws!

I think that’s a good start! I’m going to leave you today with that. Think about all the plastic items you purchase, are there any you could give up, make yourself or purchase something in glass or cardboard material instead?

Tomorrow we’ll talk about the WHY! Why is plastic undesirable, for you, your family and the environment!


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