31 Days: Reducing your Carbon Foot Print – Day 7 :: Reusing/Repurposing

by Tanya on October 14, 2012

Reuse glass jars for EVERYTHING!

Ok, so we’ve covered a bit of Reducing, and to begin the topic of Reusing/Repurposing I’d like to share one of the ways we do here at our home. Glass Jars!

Just over a year ago I knew that with the move to our new home we would be working towards eliminating Plastic from our home. I began saving every glass jar.  I had already started NOT purchasing products sold in plastic and seeking products in glass instead. I sold all of our Tupperware and other plastic containers, stopped buying Zip-loc bags, etc.  We now have over 100 glass jars that we use for everything. Leftover storage, food transport (like the photo above for beach picnic), food storage (rice, flour, sugar, etc.), growing windowsill sprouts, crafty things like beads & little trinkets, my homemade toiletries, the list goes on and on. It’s important to save them in all shapes and sizes. If I have too many I offer them up to friends or bring them to GoodWill.  This way I’m keeping the glass out of the trash and keeping the nasty plastic toxins out of our body!  Give it a try. You have to start somewhere.


Please share the LOVE:-)!

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