A Breath of Fresh Air

by Tanya on June 5, 2013

Gavin - Costa Rica, February 2013

Gavin – Costa Rica, February 2013

What a breath of fresh air. Our son Gavin has had GI issues ranging from Heartburn to Belly aches for months now, along with his constant worry & stress (can’t imagine where that comes from, hmm?). Anyway, a couple of months ago we took him to our old pediatrician (not a fan of MD’s, it had been over 6 years). We got the ears/nose check, heart beat listened to, blood pressure, ya know the routine. Gavin told him a bit about his problems and the Dr. told him he seemed fine, to try to go without dairy a couple of weeks to see if that made a difference and see ya.  Okie Dokie then.  Today we took him to a well respected Kinesiologist, recommended to us by several friends.  Night and Day. He was in with Gavin and I for almost two hours, really got to know him and his problems both physical and emotional. Talked to him about how stress manifests itself in the body physically, took his heart rate and blood pressure several times, both sitting and standing, etc. Muscle tests, meridian tests, talked to me about my pregnancy with him and how the birth went and how that may have led to some of his stress (I’d already thought this myself).  It was just a wonderful experience, the best Dr. experience of my life really, and the kids loved it too! Addy was with us. She turned to me at one point “he’s not a normal dr.”. Nope.  Anyway, as suspected Gavin is sensitive to Dairy, but not all dairy. Dairy has two enzymes, Casein and Lactose, he’s sensitive to Lactose, so most cheeses are still ok:-). Yay! But the big one is he’s sensitive to Gluten, I was afraid of that.  But he’s so happy to know what’s up and that his Acid Reflux is stress related.  Whew:-).


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Alexia June 5, 2013 at 6:42 pm

Hey! so just wanted to tell you and Gavin that he’s going to end up being so much happier not eating gluten. I’ve been allergic since I was a kid but never found out until I was in my 30’s. My skin, digestion, emotions all improved so much after getting it out of my system. There are so many food alternatives and feeling better will be all the encouragement he needs. At first it looks like a curse, but it ends up being a gift. Hope you guys are good! I’m glad you found such an awesome doc! Hugs!


Tanya June 5, 2013 at 9:31 pm

Aww, Thanks so much for that. I’m sure it will make a huge difference and we’re certainly willing to make the changes for the family. I see it as a positive challenge:-). I’m just glad we found a great doctor, s few other things we need to tackle next, lol. xoxo


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