Unleash the Villans

by Tanya on September 25, 2013

Hades Hangout!

Hades Hangout!

This year Disney introduced Limited Time Magic. Surprises await guests of Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort with new entertainment and events to experience.  On Friday the 13th one of these events took place on both coasts. The kids and I were off to Hollywood Studios for Unleash the Villains. Thirteen Disney Villains on stage at one time for a dance party hosted by Hades with co-hosts Meg, Panic & Pain. We booked a night stay with DVC at Saratoga Springs Resort, checked in early, toured Epcot for a couple hours then took a rest at the resort before heading over to Disney’s Hollywood Studios by Disney Transport bus. Thank goodness we decided not to drive, the traffic to get in was already insane by 4p.  The madness only increased as we entered the park. We went directly to see what was going on at Hades Hangout, AKA, the stage area where the villains would be introduced and the dance party would take place.  I spoke to the mother and daughter that were sitting up front and center, they had been there since 1p. Holy Moley, I had know idea people would be waiting this long, the party didn’t start until 8p.

Co-host, Meg

Co-host, Meg


Our host, Hades!

We met up with our friends that we’ve made through the Disney homeschooling Group we attend and sat our bums on the ground around 5p to save our place. Taking turns to go to the bathroom, get beverages, pin trade….

Queen's Demise & Sultan's Spell

Queen’s Demise & Sultan’s Spell

They were serving special drinks for the occasion, The Queen’s Demise, a pucker-you-up apple concoction and The Sultan’s Spell, a glowing berry-flavored beverage. For the under 21 crowd they also served a Little Monster a mix of sprite and watermelon juice with a glow cube.

It didn’t take long before the crowd was thick, it was also incredibly hot and sticky outside. DJ Iggnite came out to get the party started at 7p, an hour before the big event. The atmosphere was that of a rock concert, though I’ve never been to a rock concert that attracted such a generation spread. There were young kids and plenty of seniors, amazing to see really! Disney kinda does that to people. However, even Disney peeps can get cranky in this heat and crowd especially when they pull a fast one on us. All night they had a count-down happening on the screen, at 2 min, 30 sec till 8p it disappeared, at 8:10 and 30sec it reappeared. Everyone antsy by now of course. It began at 8:13, hmmmm. I’m sure on purpose, I mean it’s Friday the 13th! So finally it begins!

Meg and Hades come out, they look amazing! And the villains are brought out one by one: (not in this order)



Sheriff of Nottingham – Robin Hood
Oogie Boogie (his Disney Debut)- Nightmare Before Christmas
Bowler Hat Guy – Meet the Robinsons
Gov. Ratcliffe – Pocahontas
Capt. Hook – Peter Pan
Cruella de Vil – 101 Dalmations
Evil Queen – Snow White
Big Bad Wolf – Little Red Ridinghood
Hades – Hercules
Jafar – Aladdin
Dr. Facilier – Princess and the Frog
Shan Yu – Mulan
Judge Frollo – Hunchback of Notredame
…and possibly the most awaited and the last to come out, Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty!

Once they all arrived on stage it wasn’t long before they were off to mingle and go to their photo-op locations! Some waited up to four hours for a photo with Maleficent. No thanks, though she and Oogie Boogie would have been the only ones we may have considered. We decided to head to Art of Animation and try our hand at drawing a character instead. We just needed to get out of the crowd until the Fireworks.

The most amazing fireworks!

The most amazing fireworks!

We made it to the entrance to watch the fireworks which were taking place behind Sorcerer Mickey’s hat. This is my opinion, but the fireworks alone were worth every second of the heat, crowds and chaos of the evening. Hands down the best display I’ve ever seen at WDW and I’ve been 100+’s of times!


With an estimated 35, 000 in attendance, I’d say Unleash the Villains was a hit! Who’s your favorite Disney Villain?


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