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Road Trip 2012 – Arizona – Part II

September 17, 2013

  This past spring I wrote about the kitschy part of our Road Trip through Arizona, The Mother Road, Route 66. In this post let’s tour the beauty we encountered here. Beginning in Sedona, ending in Lake Havasu on our way into California. Northern Arizona has an abundance of beautiful places to explore. We drove […]

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A morning at Hollywood Studios.

September 10, 2013

I applied for a blogging position with Touring Plans recently and had to submit a sample blog post. I didn’t get the position, but can’t leave this not published. Enjoy! Originally written August 23rd, 2013. Yesterday my kids and I were headed to EPCOT to meet some friends at 1pm so we decided to head […]

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To be or not to be, Vegetarian.

September 9, 2013

So, I’ve once again failed at being a vegetarian.  I don’t believe in diets, but life changes I do. I don’t diet as much for health of body as much as I do for health of planet so this has been a very long road for me.  My longest stint at being vegetarian was years […]

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Free to Learn

August 21, 2013

We moved back into the house our son Gavin was born in January of this year. It’s a very small home, under 800 sq ft. We came from a very large house on a large piece of property that we tremendously enjoyed renting for just over a year. We’ve been purging a little at a […]

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Surf Camp and Sea Turtles

August 12, 2013

  Addy and I took a little girlie trip over to Cocoa Beach so she could attend a  Mary Moon Surf & Art camp for the week. We joined friend Molly and her parents and had a wonderful time. The camp was split into half day surf,  break for lunch, then half day art. They […]

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A Breath of Fresh Air

June 5, 2013

What a breath of fresh air. Our son Gavin has had GI issues ranging from Heartburn to Belly aches for months now, along with his constant worry & stress (can’t imagine where that comes from, hmm?). Anyway, a couple of months ago we took him to our old pediatrician (not a fan of MD’s, it […]

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A more peaceful existence.

April 17, 2013

It’s official, the kids are falling comfortably into the world of Un-schooling. Waking up around 10-10:30 after being up till after midnight. Our mornings are peaceful now, no rushing around getting dressed, breakfast and grabbing notebooks and homework to get out the door to be at school by too darn early.  We’re happily well into […]

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Road Trip 2012 – Arizona – Part I

March 11, 2013

There are two distinct parts to our time in Arizona, the incredible beauty of the landscapes and national parks and the kitschy, retro feel of Route 66 ‘The Mother Road’. Both were throughly enjoyed! We crossed into Arizona knowing we’d be stopping for an overnight in Holbrook, home of the Wigwam Motel. This is one […]

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International Day of Peace!

September 21, 2012

Was thinking about peaceful people in our history and found, on Listverse, a compilation of their picks for the Top 10 Peaceful Men.  Who would you add, men and women? 10. Baha’u’llah 9. Benjamin Franklin 8. Socrates 7. Martin Luther King, Jr. 6. Dalai Lama 5. Nelson Mandela 4. Mohandas Gandhi 3. Siddhartha Gautama 2. […]

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Homeshooling: Scavenger Hunt at EPCOT

August 14, 2012

I know, I know, you want to hear more about the road trip!! Well, I’m working on the 2000+ images from the trip and plan on getting posts started very soon, so for now… the continuation of our Educational trip to EPCOT back in June. ______________________________________________________ I love Disney as much now as I did […]

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