Shit’s getting real!

March 24, 2014

  I can’t believe it, after talking about this move for over four years, Michael’s last day of work is this Friday! He decided we needed a family cruise to celebrate prior to us heading to Italy and the road trip across country, so we leave this Saturday morning for a 5-nighter to get things […]

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Hot Rocks, a kids craft idea.

December 9, 2013

Our kids attend a home-schooling co-op once weekly. They love this co-op, it’s full of fun non-academic workshop-like classes such as Robotics, Yoga, many forms of arts, dance and music. Our daughter Addy chose to take Metal Working/Jewelry Making and Garden Art this semester. This week in Garden Art they made Hot Rocks where they […]

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A more peaceful existence.

April 17, 2013

It’s official, the kids are falling comfortably into the world of Un-schooling. Waking up around 10-10:30 after being up till after midnight. Our mornings are peaceful now, no rushing around getting dressed, breakfast and grabbing notebooks and homework to get out the door to be at school by too darn early.  We’re happily well into […]

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Homeshooling: Scavenger Hunt at EPCOT

August 14, 2012

I know, I know, you want to hear more about the road trip!! Well, I’m working on the 2000+ images from the trip and plan on getting posts started very soon, so for now… the continuation of our Educational trip to EPCOT back in June. ______________________________________________________ I love Disney as much now as I did […]

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Settling in : Homeschooling!

August 26, 2011

Well, we’re off. This is the 4th day of our first week of official Homeschooling.  Behind the scenes we’re still nailing down exactly what that means and which style works best for us. Though I have a really good idea that we lean towards the style of Unschooling.  Seriously though, if you’re thinking about Homeschooling, […]

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Where in the World?

June 29, 2011

How much can happen in one month? So much. School has come to an end and we finally mailed out the Letter of Intent to Home School to the Superintendent. So it’s official now. We’ve been to Key West and camping at the top of Black Rock Mountain in north Georgia, so much fun! The […]

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Homeschooling… getting closer

May 10, 2011

I mentioned a while back that this fall we have decided to begin homeschooling the kids, both of them. They would be entering 3rd and 5th in August. We have thought about this since we were pregnant with Gavin, he’s turning 10 in June. It’s not been the right time until now. We do love […]

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